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It is designed for passenger cars, pickup trucks, vans and all other vehicles vehicles with engine capacity of up to 2,000 cm3. The unit produces 100 to 150 liters (0.8 to 1.3 l / min), “HHO” hydrogen and oxygen gas per hour, as additional fuel for all diesel and gasoline engines.

This device is a product of many years of scientific research in the field of water electrolysis. We have come up with new scientific discoveries and get the result in the form of products that can not be classified in the dry “HHO” generators and neither can the so-called wet submersible “HHO” generators. “VG HS-60” is redundant generator which is submerged in the liquid, you could call it flooded dry “HHO” generator. Dry means that the Association for the seven current isolation from one another so that we have approximately 1.8 V per electrode. There are eight isolated electrodes and seven separate chambers.

This projected device does not use electrodes and the device does not overheat.

Concentrate of 20% “KOH” provides resistance to winter conditions-17o “C” below zero …

Below this temperature, add the liquid from the package insert, and the liquid in the device is resistant to freezing at temperatures below-40o …

Main features

Purpose: Engines up 5.000cm3
Production: 150-180 liters of “HHO” gas in one hour (2.5 to 3 L / min)
Input: Voltage of 12V, the current 30-45A
Consumption of water: 50-120 ml of distilled water for every hour of work

List of main parts of the device

Price 880.80 €

Retail price expressed in euros and serves as an example of approximate price,
it included a tax rate of 20%.
Payment in dinars at the official price list that you can download on this page.

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