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It is designed for passenger cars, pickup trucks, SUV, vans and other vehicles with engine capacity up to 2.000cc. The device produces 50 to 75 liter per hour (0.8 to 1.3 l/min), “HHO” Oxy-Hydrogen gas, as additional fuel for all diesel and gasoline engines. 

This device is a product of years of scientific research in the field of water electrolysis. We have came up with new scientific discoveries and get the result in the form of products that cannot be classified as a dry “HHO” generators and neither can the submersible called wet “HHO” generators. “HS-VG 60″ is a dry generator which is submerged in the liquid and we could call it “Flooded – Dry HHO” Generator. “Dry” means that his seven chambers for galvanically isolated from each other, so that there are approximately 1.8V per electrode. There are eight isolated electrodes and seven separate chambers for electrolysis.

Projected like this, the device does not consume the electrodes and do not overheat the device. Electrolyte mixture, potassium hydroxide (KOH) and distillated water in concentration of 20%, which provides resistance to low temperature, up to 17 degrees Celsius below zero. Below this temperature, by adding the special liquid from the instructions for use, the device is resistant to freezing at temperatures below 40 degrees Celsius below zero.


Main features

Purpose: Engines up to 2.000cc
Production: 50-80 liters per hour of “HHO” gas (0.8 to 1.3 l/min)
Input: 12V voltage, Current 5-15A, Power 60w – 180w
Consumption of water: 30 ml/h

List of main parts of the device

List the main parts of the device

·                    HYDROGEN GENERATOR – stainless steel cylindrical 80x330mm
·                    Water fuse (bubbler) – plastic fabrics 50x280mm
·                    Hoses for the flow of HHO gas – black 10mm reinforced
·                    Copper conductors – black and red 10 mm2
·                    Copper conductors – black and red 1.5 mm2
·                    Relay switch – 30 to 70A
·                    Fuse-great body, 40 to 80A
·                    Electronics assembly in the cabin HS-VG 60

·                    Warranty – 2 years on all parts
·                    Declaration
·                    User manual
·                    Connection scheme 

               Description of the main functions of the electronics “HS-VG 60”:

– Monitor the level of fluid through the probe into the device, with light signals red LED diode and beeping every 10 minutes, alert the user that there is time to add 300ml of distilled water into the device,
– Main switch is supplied with ignition voltage from the vehicle and control relay switch (ON/OFF),
– The yellow signal diode informs user that the electronics is working,
– The green signal diode notifies user for the correct alternator voltage and its higher than 13.4V,

– Chip inside of electronics measure voltage and turning ON system, after confirmation that the engine is running and the alternator started to produce electricity at a higher voltage than 13.4V. also, the electronic release reacts if the alternator belt breaks or, for whatever reason, the current stopped coming from the alternator and voltage of the vehicle drops below 12.4V. Generator is off until the moment when the voltage jumps back to the minimum 13.4V.

Technical measures “HS-VG 60”
Main unit “Hydrogen Generator” is in the form of steel rollers (fabrics),
diameter 80mm and height of 330mm, upright mounting.
Weight of the system “Hydrogen Generator” type “HS-VG 60” is:

– The cell weights is 3450g
– Equipment weights 1800g
– Total weight 5250g

  • Payment conditions:
    Retail price: 295.00 EUR
    Retail price is expressed in EUR and included a tax rate of 20%.
    Payment is in RSD (Republic of Serbia Dinar) calculated according to the selling exchange rate.

The resale price is calculated according to the contract and rebate scale in relation to the quantity of goods and conditions of sale.
Export price is calculated in EUR on parities EXW, without TAX.

Price 295.00 €

Retail price expressed in euros and serves as an example of approximate price,
it included a tax rate of 20%.
Payment in dinars at the official price list that you can download on this page.


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