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tesla-reli-news-01At the international “3rd TESLA RELLY” team of “HYDROGENS SOLUTIONS ECO” from Belgrade with a known driver “Milovan Mikica Vesnić” and vehicle “Fiat Idea” 1.4-powered (LPG) and (HHO) gas from water using the built hydrogen generators domestic production won second place, said the judges of the World automobile Federation “FIA” on the final measurement in Belgrade.

For car rally in Andric city, which brought together 25 crews from around the world with vehicles to alternative fuels, only Eesti team finished second place in the most numerous class of eight, after covering more than five hundred of kilometers and thirteen examine the accuracy and constancy …

First of all I would like to express my great satisfaction that I was part of the 3 Tesla rally and take prliku to congratulate the organizers and invite all who have cars on alternative fuels to participate next year. During the three days we drove to the beautiful landscapes of Serbia and hung out with tesla-reli-news-02great guys and girls from Italy, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Serbian Republic, Poland, Canada … For me, a whole new experience of the competition and a new world of motorsports. Not fitted with instruments to accurately measure my co-driver and I have to “feel” able to deal with teams that this type of approach is extremely professional rally. Of course, first of all, we had a great fun. “- Said Vesnić after the awarding ceremony in Belgrade’s Hotel Metropol -” We have shown that a very ordinary car that you see everyday in the city, equipped with a hydrogen generator and “booted” in Responce Street Dunlop tires in the final “sum” weight, kilometers, gallons consumed and energy achieves excellent results. Of the 10 competitors in the class ahead of us qualified for a Bulgarian crew whose car was propelled biodiesel. Maybe it could be better if it was not “performance” that we did at the end of the rally – the smile became famous Serbian driver Mikica Vesnić.


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