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Company for testing, develop and implementation of practical applications of hydrogen energy, as well as producing and selling HYDROGEN GENERATOR systems.

After almost three years of scientific work on testing and application of hydrogen (H) in the field of alternative energy vehicles, we have reached results in the form of applicable products that we call HYDROGEN GENERATORS. They are divided by type depending on the amount of “HHO” gas produced by cell at the time of one hour.

“Our mission is to present our knowledge and technology which can bring more money, better environment and more jobs for all participants. With this in mind, we started the aggressive move into the new markets. Join us.”

2012.-2013. – Years of expansion on domestic and West Balkan market,

28.04.2011. – Journal “SAT plus”, number 262, published report on two sheets, titled “WHEN WATER SAVEING FUEL”,

23.03. – 03.04.2011. – at Belgrade Motor Show, the first official promotion HYDROGEN GENERATORS to the Serbian and West Balkan market. During the fair, in printing newspapers and on TV programs were broadcast several stories about our product HYDROGEN GENERATOR, (National Television of Serbia, Independent Automotive Show – SAT ,…),

10.11.2011. – Belgrade Chamber of Commerce in Theater “Atelje 212”, an Annual award given to HYDROGEN GENERATOR device, as the Best technical innovations in the period 2009/2010 year,

23.07.2010. g. podnet je zahtev za drugi patent VODONIK GENERATORA, zvanično odobren 31.12.2010. godine.

23.07.2010. – filed a second patent application for HYDROGEN GENERATOR, officially approved in December 2010.,

28.05.2010. – at the International Fair of Innovations “Belgrade 2010”, HYDROGEN GENERATOR won the silver medal with the image of Nikola Tesla, in the areas of inventions,

23.02.2010. – issued the first three approval for safe use “HHO” gas from Hydrogen Generator, to firm “HYDROGEN SOLUTIONS” in particular motor vehicles:
– Cargo van PEUGEOT BOXER 2.8 HDI (2.8 l diesel engine),
– Cargo van FIAT DUCATO 230L (2.8 l diesel engine),
– Passenger car OPEL Vectra (1.6 l gasoline engine).

23.02.2010. – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, CENTER FOR MOTOR VEHICLES, LABORATORIES “CIAH” at our request, testing device HYDROGEN GENERATOR on all motor vehicles and issue a certificate for the safe use: “ “HHO” gas from Hydrogen Generator produced in company “HYDROGEN SOLUTIONS” can be safely and in accordance with the law of traffic gather in Serbia, to apply to all motor vehicles with Otto and Diesel engines”,

18.06.2009. – filed a patent application for the first HYDROGEN GENERATOR, officially approved in November 2009.,

May 2008. – developed the first proto-type of Hydrogen Generator in our workshop, 08.06.2009. – company was founded in Belgrade, “HYDROGEN SOLUTIONS” Ltd.,

March 2008. workshop in New Belgrade – we started testing the water electrolysis and the first tests with the application of hydrogen energy,

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