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What is “Hydrogen Generator” and its puspose?

  • PURPOSE of “Hydrogen Solutions – Hydrogen Generator” (short HS-VG)

“Hydrogen Generator” is a device in which the electrochemical reaction takes place – electrolysis of water. It is long been known process of obtaining hydrogen and oxygen gas.

“HS-VG” is intended for the production of “HHO” gas (Oxy-Hydrogen gas), additional fuel for all types of diesel, petrol, LPG, CNG and other internal combustion engine fuel.

Installing and using “HS-VG” reduce fuel consumption up to 30% and exhaust emission up to 95%.

“HS-VG” is operating with voltage of 12V and 24V DC power on vehicle.

“HS-VG” consume distilled or clean drinking water, which the device user adding to the water tank.

“HS-VG” provides additional fuel, oxy-hydrogen gas.

Hydrogen and oxygen are totally harmless to humans and the environment. Injected in the air intake manifold of the engine, together with the main propulsion fuel and air from the atmosphere, completely burns in the combustion chamber.

“HS-VG” reduces harmful exhaust gases to a higher percentage than they reduces fuel economy.

  • HYDROGEN – pure energy in the engine

Water is a liquid and having a molecule with two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

Hydrogen is the lightest chemical element and gas without color, taste and smell. He is flammable in a concentration from 4 to 94%. It is completely safe for humans and the environment. It is completely safe for all internal combustion engines.

Hydrogen has a maximum amount of energy per unit of mass, of all the known fuels, so we can say that hydrogen (H) is the strongest known fuel. It has already started race of major international car manufacturers in the production of vehicles that run 100% on hydrogen. But such vehicles are still very expensive and non-commercial. Hydrogen, which the user pours on special hydrogen stations, is very expensive and unaffordable for wider application. Also, such vehicles are further complicated due to the large tanks for hydrogen, which is stored in them under a high pressure. Contrary to this system, our “HS-VG” is standalone devices that use electricity from the vehicle alternator and produce hydrogen without any storage, under low pressure, goes directly into the engine air intake system on the vehicle. With this system, without the pressure and the hydrogen tank, provides excellent security, in any conditions, on the vehicle.

Hydrogen, when ignited, burns 100% and have faster flame velocity by 7 times than natural gas or petrol. In the engine combustion chamber, with its properties, helps the main fuel combustion by increasing the overall efficiency of utilization of main fuel. Standard utilization of fuel energy, gasoline or diesel, during combustion in the engine, relative to the total weight of the fuel used, is from 15 to 30%, depending on the technical modernity and total number of operating hours of the given engine.

Injecting “HHO” (oxy-hydrogen) gas in IC engine increases energy utilization of existing diesel and gasoline fuels and this gives more energy (HP) and torque (NM) of the engine, with the final effect of moving a greater distance with the same amount of fuel (more MPG).

  • ICE EFFICIENCY –less everything but power 

By injecting Oxy-Hydrogen gas in the engine, can achieve fuel savings of main fuel as a percentage of 10 to 30%, or vehicle can run 15 to 40% more distance with the same amount of fuel. The difference in the percentage of fuel savings depends of the energy efficiency of the engine and on engaged engine power (higher RPM’s, loaded vehicle, heavy duty works, etc.).

Also, injecting of “HHO” gas in the engine, harmful exhaust gases decreasing by 30-95%, decarbonizing carbon deposits in the engine (valves, pistons, injectors, sparkplugs, etc.) and prevents new carbon deposits on combustion chamber parts, oil, EGR valves, turbine, DPF filter, catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, etc. In accordance with the new Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards in the automotive industry, “Hydrogen Generator” reducing harmful emissions and increase Euro standard on vehicle directly on exhaust manifold, before EGR valve, catalytic converter, DPF filter or SCR system installed on vehicle.

  • “HS-VG” Technology

Scientific research in our company “HYDROGEN SOLUTIONS”, years of development and collecting the world’s knowledge in this area, we came to know-how  about the new method of water electrolysis and hydrogen production.

The principle of this new method of electrolysis of water is based on as small energy amount invested for the result of the larger amount obtained “HHO” gas. The technical implementation of the new method of electrolysis of water is based on a large electrode surface in a small area of the device. Guided by this principle we’ve developed our “HS-VG Hydrogen Generator”.

To have a process of electrolysis of water in our “HS-VG” device, need to bring a positive 14 voltage DC to a cell and true the PM (Pulse Modulator) bring negative DC voltage on cell.

When turning on the system, PM starts electrolysis of water in cell, which is submerged in electrolytic fluid, and the cell chamber electrolysis process start to separate water on to “HHO” gas. natural thrust  , “HHO” gas comes out on the top of cells (Hydrogen is 25 times lighter than air) and hoses bring gas to the engine manifold.

The electrolysis process consumed water, so users should regularly check the level in water tank (HS-VG electronic will warn the user) and if necessary, pour it water needs (or a clean drinking water, but distilled water extended duration of fluids and devices).

Our device “HS-VG” is designed to be a long-lasting and safe working in all conditions in all the passenger vehicles, trucks and buses, construction and agriculture machinery, vessels, generators, etc., and also in systems for heating, cutting and welding metals. The main part, the cell, is made of stainless, magnetic-resistant steel electrodes (steel quality 304). So, this is all of a durable product.

Durability of “HS-VG”, if properly installed and used, ranging from 20 to 30 years, but possibly replacing worn electrodes, this device has no limited shelf life.

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